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I am currently aware of two ways of creating a bootable DOS filesystem:

The methods documented herein will create a 2.88MB boot floppy image (as 1.44MB often hasn't enough space to hold the BIOS updates for modern motherboards). Since actual 2.88MB floppy drives (and media) are difficult to find, these images are primarily useful with Memdisk. If you need a different size filesystem, just adjust the dd or truncate commands as appropriate; but make sure that the final image is a multiple of 512 bytes in length.

Note: using Memdisk may not work with certain BIOS update utilities!


mkdir ~/boot
cd ~/boot
dd if=/dev/zero of=floppy.img bs=1024 count=2880
mkdosfs -vvv floppy.img


mount c ~/boot
boot win98s~1.img floppy.img

2.88Boot-2.png 2.88Boot-3.png

sys b:

2.88Boot-4.png 2.88Boot-5.png


You will need

# Make a file
truncate -s $(( 2880 * 1024 )) floppy.img

# Add FAT12 filesystem
mkdosfs -vvF12 -n DOSBOOTFLOPPY floppy.img

# Copy in the FreeDOS files
mcopy -i floppy.img kernel.sys command.com ::

# Hide them, for consistency
mattrib -i floppy.img +H +S ::kernel.sys ::command.com

# Install boot block
sys-freedos.pl --disk=floppy.img