Opt   Item   Link   #   Price   Notes 
 N   ROCKPro64 4GB Single Board Computer   Pine64 Store   1   $79.99    
 N   128GB eMMC Module   Pine64 Store   1   $54.95   They offer 64, 32, and 16 gigabyte modules for cheaper 
 N   USB Adapter for eMMC Module   Pine64 Store   1   $4.99   Only needed to program the eMMC for the first time 
 Y   Sony 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card   Amazon   1   $14.07   Removable backup storage for onboard config 
 N   ROCKPro64 20mm Mid Profile Heatsink   Pine64 Store   1   $3.29   The grapheme heatsink is insufficient and causes overheat-reboots 
 Y   Fan for ROCKPro64 20mm Mid Profile Heatsink   Pine64 Store   1   $2.99    
 Y   RTC BACKUP BATTERY HOLDER – CR-2032   Pine64 Store   1   $3.99   Needs modification, I don't know why 
 Y   SERIAL CONSOLE “Woodpecker” Edition   Pine64 Store   1   $1.99   If you want to troubleshoot the board via serial 
 N   LSISAS 9207-8i HBA   Amazon   1   $82.48   Can be had cheaper used on eBay, just make sure to thoroughly test! 
 N   Copystars 7-bay Case   Amazon   1   $89.00    
 N   Kingwin Aluminum Four Bay Hot Swap Mobile Rack   Amazon   2   $79.99   Look around, maybe cheaper elsewhere 
 N   2-pack CableCreation Mini SAS 36Pin (SFF-8087) Male to 4 SATA 7Pin Female, 0.5M   Amazon   1   $13.99   Or get the 5-pack and have extras 
 N   Molex to 5.5-2.1 barrel jack power cable      1      I had to build this 
 N   Right-angle RJ45 panel-mount pigtail   Aliexpress   1   $2.20   0.3m, 90degree to Up 
 Y   Right-angle HDMI adapter   Aliexpress   1   $0.90    
 Y   HDMI panel-mount pigtail   Aliexpress   1   $1.48   0.3m 
 Y   Dual USB 2.0 panel-mount pigtail   Aliexpress   1   $1.58   30cm 
 Y   USB 3.0 panel-mount pigtail   Aliexpress   1   $3.39    
 Y   USB-C panel-mount pigtail   Aliexpress   1   $8.88    
 Y   M3 Nylon Hex Standoff   Amazon   1   $11.99   Only need like four screws, four nuts, and four standoffs to hold the SBC onto a mounting board. 
 Y   JST-XHP connector for power   Amazon   1   $16.54   Only need one four-position connector and crimps. 
 Y   DuPont connector for serial & GPIO   Amazon   1   $13.98   Dunno how many of these will be needed just yet. 

Initial power characterization:

Supply: 4.6W

Casefan: 2.5W

Enclosures: 5.2W for both


SBCfan: 1.1W

HBA: 9.6W


Put this onto pins 19 and 21 for LCDd? https://www.crystalfontz.com/product/cfa635tmlkl-20x4-uart-display-module-text

Turn some GPIO pins into LEDs to emulate LAN activity lights:

/ {
  leds {
    lan-link-led {
      label = "lan:link";
      default-state = "off";
      gpios = <&gpio1 RK_C4 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>; // Pin 3 on Pi-2 Connector
    lan-act-led {
      label = "lan:activity";
      default-state = "off";
      gpios = <&gpio1 RK_C5 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>; // Pin 5 on Pi-2 Connector