Current Tasks: Domain level DynDNS AWS Research (underway)

Recently completed tasks: Intrepid Firewall rework+IPv6 support.

Old Tasks I should be doing:

ibMapper data gathering and SL interface system
Main mail parser Secondary mail parsers (user mail parser for ibMapper Overlord, system user) Account parser (currency management for ibMapper Overlord) Integration with CDN pay system (ibMapper <-> CDN PaySystem? API) HUD Drone Control System Ping manager PHP WinHUD Interface
CDN User Panel site

Layout of pages Visual style and physical layout of page integration

Functional code writing

Improvement of user database to support automated billing and option handling.

This needs to be started.

Addition of database queries for some functional system components.

Need to write reference library.

Automation of pay recept accounting (PayPal? notice handling and SLL handling, others if possible)

hasn't even been started x.x