• Email Manager Back-end Component

    1. Written in Python 3.x
    2. Manages Email Campaigns internally
    3. Requests email tokens from the front-end (PHP) website.
    4. Delivers emails to addresses with with thankyou and optout tokens, taking note of bounces.
    5. Updates shared database (SQLite 3) for the front-end to read in order to display back-end status
  • Email Manager Front-end Component

    1. written in PHP, uses shared database to update user(s) on campaign status, progress, bounces, opt-outs, etc.
    2. Uses kohana Web/MVC framework.
    3. Requests Campaign information (create, delete, start, stop, etc.)

Shared Database Schema

Table layout

RPC Interface (D-BUS)

Namespace? Information:

  • Namespace: com.healthplan-partners
  • Pathname: /com.healthplan_partners/Campaign_Manager